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Golden Couple Photos at Hungerford Common

February 12th 2022

A couple nose to nose full of love.

Rob and Lizzie are already married but wanted some updated photos of them. This is what I love about couples sessions, is that even if there's no special occasion you can still have photos taken! Make a day of it, make it into a date and I will be your designated third wheel for the day!

Golden Hour Couples Photos

Just by looking at these photos you can see how much fun Rob and Lizzie both had! The full belly laughs were coming out for this session, which what I'm all about. I want you to let loose and enjoy yourselves, the more laughs the better in my opinion! I want you to look back at our session and think about all the fun you had.

Wiltshire Couples Photographer

I'm a Wiltshire couples photographer who loves to travel! If you're interested in a couples photoshoot then come say hi through my contact form!

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