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Meet the crazy girl behind the camera!


I'm a Wiltshire based photographer who captures weddings, couples and families. And let me tell you I LOVE an adventure! Whether it's hiking up a hill, trekking through a forest or even wandering across a beach I'm always up for a new adventure. If you're someone who also loves an adventure we are definitely going to be friends!! If you can't already tell, the outdoors is where I love to be. Anything nature related and I'm there!

I have always been obsessed with taking photos. There's pictures of me as a child holding up my Grandad's old film camera pretending to be the greatest photographer in the world!! But it wasn't until I decided to study photography at University where I wanted to then pursue a career as a photographer. And now here I am doing what I love and helping you create the most amazing memories to cherish for a lifetime!

A photo of me holding up a camera to take a photo in front of Grittleton House


1. I absolutely love a cup of tea! I will have at least 3 cups a day, there's nothing that a good cup of tea can't solve! So you're guaranteed to find me with a cup of tea as I'm editing away your photos.

2. I am obsessed with the vampire diaries. Yes, I know very cheesy but I can't help it, it's definitely my comfort show. I've probably watched it hundreds of times (not even an exaggeration).

3. I'm a gaming nerd! I absolutely love sitting down after a days work to play a good game. My favourite would have to be the God of War series!

4. I also play in a brass band where I play an instrument called the Flugel-horn. I absolutely love getting lost in the music! 


I LOVE telling your stories and capturing your love for each other through my lens! But most importantly I love meeting all of you and making friends along the way. Your experience with me is SUPER important I will go above and beyond for you, getting to know you, your story, your interests and every detail there is to know about you! Not only do I want to have an amazing working relationship but I want us to become the best of friends by the end of your time with me. The joy I get to see on every one of my clients faces when I'm hyping them up being the crazy lady behind the camera, is such an amazing feeling. That's why I do what I do, to not only create these special memories for you but to create friendships that will last a lifetime!


LGBTQ+ couple holding hands and cheering with their bouquets in the air.
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